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Seattle, Washington

Transportation Options In Seattle, WA

Ways to move around the Seattle area.

Sound Transit:
Schedules, fares, guide, trip planner and maps. Offers safe and reliable
regional train, light rail and bus service.

Sound Transit — Link Light Rail Stations:
SeaTac Airport, Angle Lake, Tuksila, Othello, Columbit City, Mt. Baker, Beacon Hill. SODO, Stadium, International, Pioneer Square, University Street, Westlake Center, Capitol Hill, University of Washington, Roosevelt and Northgate.

Sound Transit — Express Buses:
Offers 28 very fast routes between major cities and job centers.

Sound Transit — Everett Train:
Runs north from Seattle to Everett and back.

ORCA Card — One Regional Card for All:
A computer chip e-purse card allows you to move all around without bringing cash. You can use for buses, light rail, train and ferries.

Bus — Airport Shuttle Express:
Pickup and dropoff to your door or airport.

Bus — Greyhound System:
For longer distance travel, Greyhound offers redesigned buses with wifi outlets, more legroom, plus greater safety.

Bus — Quick Shuttle:
Affordable, reliable shuttle buses to Vancouver BC from SeaTac or hotels.

Bus — DART Buses — Dial-a-Ride Transit:
vans that service neighborhoods, for short and flexible hops.

Bus — Rapid Ride:
The double long red buses, very fast, very often, for the commuter.

Departs every 10 minutes from Seattle Center and Westlake Station Downtown..

Streetcars — South Lake Union, First Hill, Capitol Hill & Downtown:
You’ll enjoy the ride on these bright shiny trolley cars of purple, red, orange and lime green.

Amtrak Cascades Train:
A beautiful ride from Vancouver BC to Eugene with multiiple stops along the way.

Al about the ferry system which make you almost feel like you’re on a cruise.

Ferries Route Map: drive the car on, ride your bicycle on, or just walk on.

Ferries — Water Taxi:
Ride the “foot ferry” between Downtown and West Seattle and Vashon Island

Uber — Upscale Taxi Alternative:
Your on-demand private driver.

Yellow Taxi:
Take a taxi anywhere in the Seattle area

Luxury town cars and stretch limos for weddings, business or other special events.

Car Sharing — ZipCar:
Wheels when you want them, slightly different than car rentals.

Car Sharing — Car2Go:
Spontaneity on wheels, rent by the minute, or the hour, or the day.

Parking Permits:
Special street parking privileges in residential neighborhoods.

Park & Ride Lots:
One more option, just park the car and ride the bus

Parking Near SeaTac Airport – Park N Jet:
Secure, web reservations, free shuttle service, valet or self service.

Google Trip Planner: u
User-friendly destination direction for driving, buses, biking, walking and flying.

Walk for exercise rather than spending your time on a treadmill in the gym

Burke Gilman Trail:
For walkers, runners, cyclists, skaters, commuters

Maps, trail routes, racks, etiquette, street markings

Bicycle Rentals:
Rent quality bikes for short periods

Transportation options for moving about Seattle and the surrounding area.