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Reserve A Short Term Suite In Seattle WA

Furnished, Private Green Lake Home

Residential, single-family home in the heart of Green Lake.

Located in north central Seattle surrounding the freshwater lake named after the algae blooms that turn the waters a shade of emerald green lies the neighborhood of Green Lake. The people here are friendly and love to get outside! Whether you prefer to go for a run or a bike ride, or just grab a bite to eat, Green Lake has it all. The neighborhood boasts an early-to-bed, early-to-rise lifestyle, great for singles and families alike.

Green Lake Suites

Green Lake:

Green Lake Park surrounds the lake with a 2.8 mile track, kayaks to rent, sports courts, soccer fields, and countless picnic spots. Coffee shops and taverns are plentiful, with easy on-street parking. Individually owned small businesses and boutiques keep the area quaint. Enjoy happy hour at the Green Lake Bar & Grill, or catch a live band on Friday nights at the Latona Pub. Check out the Green Lake Library or the Bathhouse Theater, some of the oldest institutions in the area. Whether you have a destination in mind or just want to enjoy people-watching along the lake, every day is a perfect day in Seattleā€™s Green Lake neighborhood.