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Fremont Locations of Short Term Suites

Corporate housing locations in the Fremont area.

Fremont. By far the most artistic and off-beat of all Seattle neighborhoods, Fremont is a progressive community that has an active voice in the city of Seattle. Centered to the north-central area of Seattle, it has earned a reputation of eccentricity to match its unusual neighborhood events. Fremont prides itself in its peculiarity, drawing attention to its independent thinking.

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Fremont Short Term Suites

This community has an “anything goes” attitude, giving way to “open mic” poetry readings, outdoor theaters, and a bohemian chic atmosphere. It is not unusual to see nude cyclists, passionate protests, or alternative religious events hosted in the Fremont area. In addition to its quirkiness, it has earned itself a reputation of culinary expertise, going so far as to make many of its own local beers through local micro-breweries.

Large sculptures and monuments grace the Fremont area, and serve as a testament to the artistic emphasis that the community has initiated. A large troll sculpture crushing a car can be seen under the Aurora Bridge. Similarly strange, a tall statue of Lenin is both a tourist attraction, and widely controversial among residents of Seattle. In Fremont, strange seems to be the new normal.

Housing in the Fremont neighborhood is mostly condo style housing, with trendy apartments dominating much of the real estate market. Most of the residents of Fremont are of a younger demographic, though it is home to all ages, races and religions. The area’s prime location is poised perfectly for future growth and expansion.