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Ballard. The community of Ballard is located to the west of Fremont, and has been a part of Seattle, Washington since 1907. As with many other areas of Seattle, Ballard hosts a long line of historically significant locations, especially ones located in the Ballard Avenue Historic District. Much of the area business and housing is in historically renovated buildings, giving the established community a popular reputation of originality.


Ballard’s cultural background originates with an emphasis on Scandinavian immigrants and the fishing industry. Salmon was the primary working industry in the Ballard area, drawing Scandinavians to the community long ago. Though this industry has waned recently, the history has not faded. An annual seafood festival is remains a community staple after many years of tradition, along with Scandinavian inspired restaurants, shops and buildings throughout the neighborhood.

As for shopping, Ballard can brag of countless shops and boutiques, including popular Dolce Vita and The Buffalo Exchange, which offer a trendy, upscale retail atmosphere. Diners can swing by Lombardi’s for some hip Italian flair, and relax in the trendy, but casual Portalis Wine Bar. Shopping and dining in Ballard is a popular choice mainly due to its well maintained sidewalks and panoramic views of the water.

The downtown area of Ballard is a fantastic source of shopping and dining, with locally owned restaurants and stores lining the streets. Many of these places offer live music and entertainment throughout the week. Most of the locals have their favorite hotspots, while tourists like to make day trips to some of the bars and clubs in the area.